…Like a bolt from the blue

Distinguished Nigerians,

 Most importantly, welcome on board to a novel newsblog- BoldNews.org. We are glad to announce that the BoldNews.org has come to join the league of online news platforms.

This is the day that the Lord has made. We have chosen this day-Democracy Day, to hit our numerous readers and clients because of the significance of today.

One may wonder why more online mediums continue to evolve despite a legion of them already; no thanks to the bandwagon effect that has been a fallout of  what many all over the world now refer to as ‘citizens media’. Well, the answer to this might not be too difficult to find.

The ICT revolution is here. There is nothing anybody can do about it. It’s either you join the fray or leave it at your own detriment.

Besides, the bandwagon effect has resulted in legion of online mediums being floated by quacks, albeit for pecuniary reason.  Their stock in trade is to plagiarise from other news blogs without acknowledgement, or worse still, fail to do a follow up on a news lead.

Therefore, one of the key functions of BoldNews.org is to set the standard. 

With a cream of veterans who have cut their teeth across varying beats in the media industry for nearly two decades or more, we rest assure our numerous readers of getting a value for their money.

Sometimes, one is also challenged by the desire to set the pace and do things right. The online space is one virtual environment that has, and is still accommodating a cacophony of news blogs every day; so how does one separate the wheat from the chaff?

 Unfortunately too, because of the aforementioned bandwagon effect, it appears to have been dominated more by quacks rather than professionals who learned the ropes before venturing into the often riotous, difficult and quite herculean terrain of the media.

This however, is not to say there are no blogs that have hitherto stood as springboards and are daily setting the standard.  We need not mention names here. They can easily be discerned, if you are a professional or an individual guided by the desire to read news that are undiluted, balanced and professionally packaged.

We assure you that BoldNews.org will not be like the usual run-off-the-mill stories Nigerians usually read on different blogs. We promise to be simply professional, concise, fearless and accurate.

We are determined to take on both the traditional and online space in a healthy rivalry; and give them a run for their money.

The news shall come as it breaks-hot and undiluted. BoldNews shall dish out exclusives to the satisfaction of our various readers.

From News, to Politics, Business, Education, Metro, Crime, Investigation, Business, Entertainment, just name it, we shall be the first to whet the appetites of our readers.

Good news stories and features come with a lot of efforts. We shall brave the odds to go a few miles father on; to report news behind the event and dig out that very substance Nigerians have been yearning to know.

Nevertheless, this is not to proclaim our perfection.  As we move along, we shall be counting on the support of our various readers, their reactions, and opinions to our news item, as motivation for better performance.

Once again, welcome on board as we move along.

Gbenro Kanmi

(Associate Editor)