Nollywood Actress Wini Lazarus has dedicated her latest movie, “My Body, My Pride” to Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State. Wini said Bello was deserving of the award because his government recognises women by bestowing different political appointments to them in his state.
Recalling when she set her eyes on the script early last year, Wini told BoldNews that of late, the various activities of Governor Bello shows they both share the same school of thought.

Speaking on the similarities, she said her movie is centred on the marriage institution and factors that strengthen the home, adding that Governor Bello is equally toeing same line by empowering the weaker sex via job provision, as well as financially equipping them to support their families, which also translates to building enduring homes.

Aside Bello, Wini explained that her new project is also dedicated to Dr. Ifeanyi Chukwuma Odii and Dr. Felix King Eiremiokhae, for using their respective Foundations in uplifting various home front by contributing their lots to women and widows.

The film also recognises the former first lady of Lagos State, Senator Oluremi Tinubu, whose New Era Foundation still plays a significant role of affording children on the streets a more decent living, which has enabled some lucky few to live their dream.

Speaking on her movie, Wini said: “It was a beautiful family story, about a couple who chose not to give up amid series of matrimonial cobwebs. The story teaches married couple how to live their lives. “Although it is not my first movie, but this movie takes me a step further from acting.” She described the entire scenario in the film as very interesting.
“Marriage is a journey,” Wni continued, “characterise by several components that makes it admirable, enduring, a fun place to be and a home devoid of all regrettable elements. It is a place behind the curtains of courtship. That is why it is called a home. Most people bask in the euphoria of dating and weddings instead of building a home. They refuse to see the inner content of marriage. That is what is destroying most homes today which has resulted in a high level of divorce and separation, most of which is destroying the society and nations at large.

“The wellbeing of a home determines the outcome of our societies, communities and nations. The movie tends to teach and create awareness of the sub consciousness of the flaws that couples can identify , most especially those of them that are very young. “I am also trying to address the fact that most of us shy away from this, hence, the increasing numbers of separation and divorce, which also affects the children that are tomorrow’s leaders. We must not fail to tell ourselves the home truth, which is, that the total wellbeing and a sound mind of a child, starts from the home; hence it must be stable before we can have a healthy society. “The movie tends to take couples back to the drawing board for them to evaluate themselves and identity their weakness. It also tends to build long lasting relationships” The aforementioned, Wini explained, is one of the ways of mending existing cracks and sweetening the home front.

Wini identified information technology, peer pressure, social media and negative hype as some causes of failed marriage.
She said: “People are beginning to see all these as the normal norms. We must go back to the basics; our roots and learn how our parents made life and the society worth living by being contented.
“The movie has come to strengthen the marriage institutions, we must all make it work.”

Wini explained that the movie also identified solutions to domestic violence in marriage, as well as how to prevent them.
According to her, couples can have a successful marriage and a successful career in their chosen fields.

She said her exposure abroad makes her concentrate on the home front, noting that in many civilised climes, governments put up structures that strengthen the home, the more reason developed countries are beautiful and worth visiting.

Wini who is still single expresses optimism of getting married someday. She says her mother had a very successful marriage, noting that hers wouldn’t be an exception.

Going down memory lane on some of challenges encountered in the course of production, she said: “Lots of challenges but with God we conquered it all. The financial aspect is much, yet it was something that we could handle”

Stars in the movie, she recalled, includes: Eddie Watson, Peggy Ovire, Wni Lazarus and Monica Friday.

She admonished Nigerians to always comply with Covid-19 protocol, including social distancing.


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