Igbo leaders in Lagos State have debunked information making the round that the EndSARS protest that reek havoc in the state in the last few days were championed by Igbo youths.

The group pledged support to the government in its efforts to make Lagos heal fast from the wound.

Addressing a conference in Lagos on Monday, the leader of the group Mr. Joe Igbokwe, said the destruction of lives and properties during the EndDSARS protests were condemnable.

He added that Igbo people were peace loving people, committed to the development and progress of the places they reside.

According to him, “what Lagos State went through in a couple of days was harrowing. The EndSARS protests led to the destruction of large magnitudes of properties. This resulted in the loss of lives as well. May the country never witness such a thing again.”

The Lagos State Special Adviser on Drainages maintained that the narrative being peddle that certain Igbo persons were instrumental to the destruction in Lagos was misconstrued.

“Igbo in Lagos condemned the carnage and destruction in its entirety, we are not part of it and do hereby make bold to say Igbo by nature are nation builders and should not be linked with such devilish conduct.

“Igbo are builders not destroyers, if you really want to find out go and check from records, go to where they trade or do businesses or the markets, you will find out that their contributions have been outstanding.

“They had passed through a lot, they had been deprived which today referred to abandoned properties. But, notwithstanding, we have been in the vanguard to build a virile nation .

” We are calling for the ugly narratives to be investigated and those culpable be adequately sanctioned. We stand with Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu in this trying times. We stand with the Deputy Governor , with leaders of thought who are trying in their own efforts to ensure that peace return to our country.”

Igbokwe who did not completely rule out the participation of some Igbo youths in the protests, added those found wanting among them should be made to face the law.

According to him, the country had lost so much and whatever was needed to return peace and development should be embraced. He noted that Igbo will fully support any effort to return the country to the path of development.


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